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Mike Roberts Music: Bio

Hey everybody, I have tried for weeks to figure this out, I think I finally got it. The guys don't have a mention on the site, so I'll add them here. Michael Cline on the bass guitar. We call him "Magnum". I'll let him explain that one. And we have Scott Kennedy on the drums. We call him Scottch, and I'm sure you get that one. And our newest member Chad Reeves on guitar and vocals. His nickname is Chelvis, and once again he can explain that one. These guys are some of my best friends. They really are my only friends. Just kidding! But they are all super talented, and I am proud to play with them all. Touring with Gary NIchols is great, but I do miss Scott and Mike when I'm gone. Chad plays slide for Gary in his band, so I still get to see Chelvis when I'm on the road. Next time you are at the show, mention that you read all about these guys on the site, it'll make'em smile, I think...